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Our story

We are a pet wellness company inspired to build a portfolio of specially formulated products, with a custom cannabinoid blend that tastes great and is kind to our furry, or not so furry friends, kind to our world, and kind to our bank accounts. We are pet owners just like you, and we want the best for our pets!

We know you have many choices of CBD products for your pets, and we at LIX strive to create a variety of quality hemp products that all our pets will love!

Love your pet, give them LIX. 

We Promise

Our. Very. Best.

Clean products good for our animal friends - provided by our cherished earth

Lovingly sourced and carefully chosen non-processed and toxin free ingredients

Produced locally and naturally pesticide free


Meet Our Pack

Erin Hills



JAX, French Bulldog – 6.5Y as of this bio date
JADE, French Bulldog – 1.5Y as of this bio date

A native of the Northwest and raised by parents who, at an early age, not only instilled in me a love for pets, but also taught me about work ethic and chasing my dreams — a winning combination for LIX!

I realized early on that my pets were always a driving force in terms of both advancing myself and keeping me grounded in life. I always had a love for the bull breeds, and — once I became old enough to have my own pet — I immediately set out to adopt a rescue.

A few short years later, I was ready to rescue again. I stubbled accross a fat headed white mix bull breed pup and I couldn’t resist. I had to have him!

Little did I know that it would lead me to Kirstan on the other end of the line and my next beloved pet, Diesel!

As a bonus, I gained a lifelong friendship, and now business partner, in Kirstan! I was drawn to all the work Kirstan was doing with the rescue networks and partnered up with her to assist with breed education, rescue, and home placement. As a team, we were able to place numerous dogs in their forever homes over the years, while simultaneously having the opportunity to educate families as well as ourselves regarding the needs of our four-legged, furry and not so furry family members.

While I utilized my free time being actively involved in animal rescue, I remained driven when it came to propelling myself forward in my career in sales and business development, and a passion for working with small to medium-sized businesses.

In 2015, a longtime friend and business associate approached me to bring my business acumen to the emerging cannabis industry in Oregon. I was admittedly hesitant at first, but eventually found myself drawn to a company that wanted to be the change, had a deep desire to educate, as well as to create a space for new users, and this was very compelling to me. 

As I educated myself on this budding industry, I saw how beneficial these plants truly were, and how they could not only improve our quality of life, but of our beloved pets, too!

I am so excited to bring my knowledge and passion to our new company, LIX. A brand created not only in honoring our memory of Diesel and how we were united, but a business focused on the health and wellness of our furry — and not so furry — friends.


Kirstan Sanders



COAL, Pit Bull/Dane - 13.5Y as of this bio date
AUDRY, Pit Bull - 14.5Y as of this bio date
PABLO, Maltese - 3Y as of this bio date

Hi, I’m Kirstan and I cofounded LIX with my dear friend Erin as a passion and heart project. LIX has been in my soul for a good part of the last 15 years* and I know that dates me!

LIX is the culmination of a love for animals, an obsession with finding them some ease from angst, relief from soreness, suppleness from stiff joints or injury and we are doing it. After working as a rescue for a number of years, I met Erin during a puppy adoption and that puppy, that little fat pit bull/mastiff puppy, is the logo and part of the soul of LIX. After years of asking why I should start a pet wellness company and why would people want to work with me (now us), it hit me that it’s community that’s lacking and that community I’ve developed numerous times in rescue work, training and rehab work, and now, LIX.

I grew up in the horse world, in Oregon, around all disciplines from 4H to the hunter/jumper world and dogs were always part of that world as well. Later, with the dog rescue came some livestock rescue, and some wildlife rescue and work with yet another realm of the animal world. Many of my friends are wildlife or general animal photographers, trainers, and advocates and more and more I felt something coming together. Later, after moving to Seattle in my adult years, I began working in rescue, met Erin and adopted that adorable puppy to her then together, we started and ran a rescue in Oregon/Washington for years. Down the road a bit, we decided to launch LIX with our combined abilities in the animal world, business world and the cannabis and hemp space. It was a bit of an evolution and certainly no overnight appearance. LIX is worth the work every step of the way. Rarely, I think, do we actually get to work with someone we absolutely trust, start a company and launch (albeit it during covid crisis) and be proud and thoughtful of everything we are doing for the animals, for YOU and for us.

Every step of the way, you have my word.. our word, that we live to be constant students, completely obsessed with quality and performance, immensely grateful for you all as our future customers, and all these amazing animals with whom we share the earth. We live to make this community a safe place, we will provide as much information as we can in a digestible and palatable context, are happy to talk with any of you who are interested and so excited you choose us. Our work and our privilege is helping you help your crew to be the best, happiest and most comfortable they can be.

I thank you for stopping by and for choosing LIX.

Cheers to our animal and human community!

*Our products are human grade and we all eat or Ingest them daily; they are vegan, organically sourced, less harmful on the earth and in as clean of packaging as we can. I was raised in a meat eating household of hunters (and gatherers) and while my dogs aren't vegan, I stick to plant based and the products stay rooted in their place as plant based wellness.


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