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We commit to bring you relevant and timely information so you can make the best decision possible when it comes to the wellness of your crew. We want to recognize the teachings of the animals now and always; from them we learn compassion, patience, how to be present and that we’re all connected. Further, our clarity with animals in a way they understand takes effort. We owe and commit to effort every step of the way to keep connected with and for you and your crew.


The biggest commitment we can make to you and your animal friends is to be constant students for and with you. We push conventional thought as we work with you all to develop an educated and researched community so we can all be part of improving our pets' lives.


We have answers for your pet needs! Find clear information so you can make your product decisions quickly and with confidence. If you have more questions, we are always connected!


All things blog and article related live here! We’re even including the white papers for the most current research so, if you’re super nerdy like one of our founders, you have what you need in one platform. You should have everything you need without struggling… dirt is for digging and toys are for chasing, you shouldn’t have to dig for or chase information.

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