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Kirstan Sanders and Erin Hills Of LIX: “There is a really good balance between feminine and masculine energy, and it’s important to be able to move between each”

on July 12, 2020

An Interview with Phil La Duke

There is a really good balance between feminine and masculine energy, and one should be able to move between each and recognize the need. Intuition is important, and keeping that in mind will help in situations where you’re faced with having to make “coin flip” decisions. Have ideas of where you want to go with your business while recognizing that there are some ethereal components to ideas, and letting them form may take you in a different direction than you originally thought; ultimately if it fits, do it. Lastly, honor your customers and consider there are no rote processes — you can create the business you want. You just have to go out and do it. As leaders of a young company, we are pushed to our limits, and it’s imperative to keep our team focused and agile, and feeling like they are supported and challenged. We are in agreement about how we want our teams to perform, how we want to challenge them, how we want them to feel, and understand their value as humans and representatives of LIX. We believe in creative, vibrant, cross-generational teams that aren’t afraid of a challenge and are able to compromise when needed. We believe in establishing and maintaining trust and ethics across our team, every step of the way. We consider our LIX family to be our employees AND customers.

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